Final Comments from the Comps Director

Colin AdamHorsham Week started with great soaring conditions on the first Saturday, under the influence of a northerly airflow with cloud-base around 10,000 ft. Fast competition times for the AAT tasks were recorded.

This good weather was short-lived, and the arrival of a weak cold front on Sunday led to the cancellation of flying that day.

The remainder of the week, when we flew every day, produced challenging tasks under unstable cool southerly airflows. Using five tugs we launched some 35 – 38 aircraft each day in less than an hour.

I was grateful for the assistance of Max Hedt and Selwyn Ellis during marshalling and dispatch, and for the capable tug operations organised by Mark Griffin.

From my perspective, we were once again the beneficiaries of extensive forward planning by members of the Horsham Flying Club, and their continued commitment led to a week of safe and enjoyable operations. The pilots all enjoyed HW, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to the Horsham club.

David Cleland, our CD for 2011 HW, provided me with a great foundation for my role as “ab-inito” CD, which I found to be both challenging and enjoyable.

The assistance of Geoff Vincent in interpreting local weather was invaluable, as was the experience of Tim Shirley and Tony Tabart in Task-Setting.

Mike Cleaver handled the role of Safety Officer with sensitivity and aplomb, and the inevitable scoring challenges were handled very capably by Selwyn Ellis.

I should also thank Chris Thorpe and Noel Vagg for their capable handling of the Treasury portfolio.

Our HW web-master, Jarek Mosiejewski, spent considerable time designing a brilliant website, each day updating the latest results.

This competent and enlightened team did much to ensure the success of HW 2012.

I would like to again thank the HFC members, capably led by Arnold Niewand, Lorelle Esmore and her team in the kitchen, and the Organising Committee for making HW 2012 such a success.

It was great week, and I look forward to next year – HW 2013.

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