Horsham Week Gliding Competition

50th Anniversary of Horsham Week Competition

50th Anniversary of Horsham Week Competition

6 – 13 February 2016

In February 2016 we will be celebrating the 50th occasion of the Horsham Week competition which has been run every year since 1966 without a break.

In the mid-1960's the competing glider types included Ka6, Olympia, ES59 Arrow, ES60 Boomerang,  Bocian and Kookaburra.  Many of the pilots are still around the gliding movement today - Alan Patching, Ian Cohn, Gary Sunderland, David Pietsch, Haydn Dunn, Tony Tabart, Keith Nolan and Max Hedt.  And some of these stalwarts are still flying !

For 2016 the Horsham Week organisers are planning to recreate some of the atmosphere of those years by offering the opportunity for the gliders, their owners and former pilots/crews to join in the celebrations.

First we are adding a vintage class to the competition with suitable tasks to demonstrate the capabilities of those early gliders and offer pilots some fun flying in the open skies and summer soaring of the Wimmera region.

Secondly we will be inviting all owners to bring their vintage gliders and join in the celebrations with local flying and static displays.  Also an opportunity to show today's 'hot shots with their hot ships' how flying was done without GPS, flight computers and mobile phones.

The Victorian Soaring Association have promised financial support for the event and the Australian Museum Group is assisting us to identify gliders, competitors and crews.  

We look forward to inviting you all to our celebrations once we have completed the initial planning.

Ian Grant

Contest Director, Horsham Week 2016

Horsham Week 2015 Trophy Winners


49th Horsham Week Trophy Winners (from the left):


Horsham Week Stories

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  • 2015: Horsham's Victorian State Gliding Championships continue through difficult conditions
     This article by Conor Hickey was first publishe in The Wimmera Mail-Times on Feb 13, 2015 DIFFICULT conditions forced glider pilots to test their skills at the Victorian State Gliding Championships in Horsham this week. Horsham Flying Club president Arnold Niewand said inclement weather affected flying conditions on Tuesday...
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    This article by David Meredith was first published in Gliding Australia Magazine.
    Horsham Week. The annual migration of the Victorian Gliding herd up the western highway to one of the most pleasant gliding sites in Australia.  Why pleasant?  Well it is right next to a town with several gentrified pubs and cafes,...
  • 2015: Horsham Flying Week, Victorian State Gliding Championships 2015 hampered by bad weather
      This article by Conor Hickey was first publishe in The Wimmera Mail-Times on Feb 16, 2015 BAD weather again hampered gliders at Horsham Aerodrome on Thursday and Friday. However competitive gliding went ahead as planned on Saturday. Glider pilots were in Horsham last week for the Victorian State Gliding Championships and...
  • 2014: Horsham week, an annual notion
    This article has been copied from the Soaring blog: http://soaring.eu/ One of the last comps for the 2013/14 season in Australia is Horsham Week in Horsham [...] it always is a fun competition with a serious touch. Rolf Buelter is the CD and 25 pilots have at this stage announced their arrival....
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until Horsham Week 2016!

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