50yh Horsham Week

Horsham Week Gliding Competition

Welcome to the 50th Horsham Week

Welcome to the 50th Horsham Week and to date, we have 28 pilots registered with others due to arrive on Saturday.

A reminder that the Horsham Club are providing a 50th celebration dinner in the hanger on the first evening, 6th Saturday : $ 35 for 2-courses including two drink tickets

Other matters to note:

  • Saturday is the first competition day - it is not a practice day
  • Registrations and fees can be paid from 9:00am (no credit cards, sorry)
  • Saturday briefing will commence at 10:00am
  • Given the entries received there will be three Competition classes: OPEN/18M, STANDARD/15M and CLUB

Our poor run of weather across Victoria has ended and the outlook is very promising

Ian Grant Contest Director

Horsham Week Update

 Happy New Year and best wishes to you all.

Planning for this year's 50th Horsham Week is well in hand with adequate tugs available and entries starting to roll in. My ongoing thanks to Jarek Mosiejewski for his invaluable support in maintaining the website and receiving registrations – very appreciated.

Event Fees

Fees have not been increased and will be :

  • Entry Fee $ 100 which includes the $ 50 facility fee from the Horsham Club.
  • Aerotows $ 50 and relights $ 30.


We have two Pawnees from Bacchus Marsh, Jim Barton's Callair, Mike Cleaver's Scout as well as a EuroFox from Bendigo GC and Horsham's Jabiru. Tug master is Selwyn Ellis, Horsham Club.

Rotating Beacons

A reminder that all vehicles must operate a flashing hazard beacon when on the airfield.

Note that some of the older and cheaper mechanical rotating lights can seriously interfere with hand held VHF radios as you are towing out. There is now a range of solid state LED lights available which do not cause interference and can be obtained on eBay for under $ 40. Try key words such as 80 LED Car Truck flash Warning light Beacon Strobe Light Emergency Light Amber.

Celebration Dinner - Saturday 6th February

The Horsham Club is hosting a dinner in the hanger on the evening of Saturday 6th February to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. The 2-course dinner is $ 35 including two drink vouchers (beer, wine or soft drink). Come along and share your memories of past competitions.

Vintage Gliders

As part of the 50th celebrations we have a number of owners who are bringing their wooden gliders which are indicative of the types flown in the early events. Several Ka6 gliders will be there and at least one will be competing. A reminder of the cross country challenges in the days without GPS, mobile phones and much lower glide performances.

Volunteers Required for 2017 & 2018 Events

At this competition the organisers will be handing over to a new committee for the next two years. Please discuss with your club and fellow pilots and come prepared to volunteer.

Ian Grant

Contest Director

Horsham Coaching Week Registration Form

Horsham Coaching Week Registration Form

Horsham Coaching Week  2016 Registration Form is now available on the website: Coaching Week 2016 / Coaching Week Documents.

Preferably, please fill out as a Word document and email to David Meredith.


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Thanks a ton for sharing your excellent web site.
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Congratulations on another successful Horsham Week.  Like Fiona, I think 1997 was my last visit.  It's harder for me to drop in now as I'm over in the States bu...
Monday, 20 February 2012
Fiona Tabart
The last time I came to Horsham week was for the 1997 Gliding Nationals. I was 16 years old and was filiming footage of gliders and tugs for a school assignment...
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An excellent feature of the competition, well done Jarek. look forward to dropping in there some time through the comp
Friday, 04 February 2011

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