Horsham Week Gliding Competition

Horsham Week 2014 Statistics

Data from the Soaring Spot site: http://www.soaringspot.com/hsm2014/

  • Distances Flown and Speeds are non-handicapped and calculated for non-zero scores only.
  • Speeds calculated for finishers only.
  • Averages per pilot across all tasks.

Six Competition Days.

Total Distance flown in all classes: 55,809.30 km.

  • Open / 18M Class:
    •          Distance Flown: 15,365 km
    •      Max. Distance Flown: 601.10 km
    •      Average Distance Flown: 374.75 km
    •      Max. Task Speed: 166.30 km/h
    •      Average Task Speed: 118.91 km/h
  • 15M / Standard Class:
    •      Distance Flown: 24,536 km
    •      Max. Distance Flown: 565.80 km
    •      Average Distance Flown: 340.77 km
    •      Max. Task Speed: 131.00 km/h
    •      Average Task Speed: 99.82 km/h
  • Club Class:
    • Distance Flown: 19,908.30 km
    • Max .Distance Flown: 421.60 km
    • Average Distance Flown: 294.59 km
    • Max. Task Speed: 131.00 km/h
    • Average Task Speed: 99.90 km/h

Horsham Week 2014 Trophy Winners

Craig Vinall

Open / 18M Class: Craig Vinall

also Ballasted Speed OLC Trophy

Gary Stevenson 15M / Standard Class: Gary Stevenson
Noel Vagg & Duncan Robertson Club Class: Noel Vagg & Duncan Robertson
Morgan Sandercock Unballasted Speed OLC Trophy: Morgan Sandercock

Speed OLC — new in 2014

If you're wondering where you stand with this automated, low-friction competition, visit the results page. We're announcing the top three each day and there's a bottle of something smooth for the top pilot in each of the wet (Open/18m and Standard/15m) and dry (Club) categories.  It's based on the fastest 2.5 hours of your flight, points are calculated by the OLC server and a (differently handicapped from the HW comp) speed is given. The pilot with the top points (not speed) is awarded a prize each day. 

Preliminary (unofficial) Day 4 results are here.  Make sure you put your flight up on OLC after you submit to the HW contest site. Then leave the rest to us.  We'll base the results on whatever has been lodged by about 0830 the following morning.  

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Horsham Week Stories

  • 2014: Horsham week, an annual notion
    This article has been copied from the Soaring blog: http://soaring.eu/ One of the last comps for the 2013/14 season in Australia is Horsham Week in Horsham [...] it always is a fun competition with a serious touch. Rolf Buelter is the CD and 25 pilots have at this stage announced their arrival....
  • 2014: Horsham Week Gliding Competition wraps up
    This article by Nick Duxson was first publishe in The Wimmera Mail-Times on Feb 10, 2014   THE 48th annual Horsham Week Gliding Competition wrapped up on Saturday with presentations at the Horsham Flying Club. Almost 40 glider pilots returned to the skies from Wednesday to Saturday, after they had been grounded due to weather...
  • 2013: Willis sets new standards in the Horsham Week Gliding Competition 2013: Willis sets new standards in the Horsham Week Gliding Competition
    This article by Colin MacGillivray was first published in The Wimmera Mail-Times on 11/02/2013.
    A South Australian man has claimed two Australian records in the Horsham Week Gliding Competition. Keith Willis of the Bordertown-Keith...
  • 2013: Start lines, turnpoints, cameras and all that Jazz
    Horsham Week was a full on competition right from the start in 1967. For the first competition the turnpoints were on an honour system but this was superseded by cameras the next year. Pilots used mainly “Instamatics”. Two cameras were mounted on the side of the cockpit canopy frame oriented so that the wing tip of the glider...
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    First published on the Waikerie Gliding Club blog February 4th, 2013 Well we have a strong team of Waikerie pilots at Horsham week 2013; Four gliders and one crew. Grant Hudson has joined Craig Peter and Greg. Our Solo crew member extrordinair John Ridge does everything from inspect pilots rooms to  ensure close liaison with...
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